See who might be painting your next dream room!



I enjoy running Two Guys Painting. I get asked a lot if I'm one of the two guys. Truth is, back when I started this business there were just two of us; now, I couldn't do it without the great help of my crew. I will work my hardest to make sure you love your new paint job, and I will stake my reputation on it. When I'm not bidding a new job, I enjoy woodworking in my shop with my kids and golfing in local and regional tournaments in my 'new' division: senior!



My name is Brian and I have been with Two Guys for eight years. I like to paint houses because there is always a new challenge ahead of me; I see the different jobs a bit like puzzles to solve - and my work is to find the solutions - but however many challenges there are, the concept is always the same for me. When I'm not working, I like hanging out with my two kids and taking care of our pet lizards.



I don't do any of the painting, but if you call the office to ask anything about painting - I'm likely the one to answer your questions! I gravitate to numbers-side of things: I prepare the invoices, pay the bills, and run (and I mean run!) to the bank. When I'm done writing up your estimate, I can be found in my yoga studio or hiking with my girl friends.



I'm Elliot. I just moved to Bend from the 'Space Coast' - near Cape Canaveral, Florida. I've been painting our family's homes with my brother and dad for as long as I can remember. I've had professional sponsorship as a skateboarder, and I have just received my certification as a dog trainer. The best part of my life is my six year old daughter; she's my everything!